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SEM Learning Center

As part of SEMPO on going initiatives, we publish a Search Marketing Learning Center for every member to use and acquire sufficient knowledge to prosper in the area of Search Marketing. On SEMPO Canada, we do not currently have our own learning center. It is something we are working on. Nevertheless, please feel free to visit Sempo.org Learning Center for more information. The Learning Center includes information about:

– Introduction to Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
– Search Marketing Training Programs
– Search Marketing Articles
– Search Marketing Case Studies
– SEM Research
– Search Marketing Tutorials (Members only)
– SEMPO Editorials
– SEMPO Resources and Links
– SEMPO Webinars and Seminars

Quick Search Engine Marketing Terms Guide:
If you are not currently a SEMPO member but still want to kick start your SEM learning process in the area of Search Marketing, please find an excellent glossary of Search Engine Marketing Terms

SEMPO Training Institute:

Learn Search Marketing with SEMPO. Please find all information on the SEMPO Search Marketing Institute and all courses offer on Sempo.org.

Come back often if you want to continue learning about Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay Per Click (PPC) Management, Link Building, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and all related topics to Search Marketing as we will continue to post information for great links and resources.