Tips on Launching Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

Direct mail marketing has long been the most popular marketing tactic for businesses. This is because it is inexpensive, quick, and effective. However, direct mail marketing can be costly if you do not follow some direct mail marketing ideas. There are things you must do to direct mail marketing cost effectively, such as using a template to help you design your direct mail marketing materials, avoiding expensive mistakes, and testing your direct mail marketing materials before mailing them out. Following these direct mail marketing tips will help you avoid wasting your company’s precious marketing dollars and increasing your direct mail marketing cost.

Avoid using the same direct mail marketing template. Most companies choose a template because it is easy to use. However, they often choose one that has very high postage rates. These higher postage rates can increase your direct mail marketing cost unnecessarily. Instead of using a template, you should create a postcard that best represents your company, include your contact information, state your direct mail marketing ideas, include a brief statement or advertisement about your company, and use an inexpensive postcard stock.

How to followup on your direct mail marketing campaign?

Be sure to send your direct mail marketing materials through email. Email is more likely to be read than a physical mailing. In addition, most people use their computers to access the internet, so using email to direct mail marketing will ensure that you have an easily accessible form of communication. The best direct mail marketing strategies include using both email and online direct marketing to reach your target audience. Also, if you want to save money on your direct marketing mailing efforts, consider using bulk email marketing or email coupons to increase your response rate.

Designing your direct mail marketing postcards: Before printing your materials, be sure to talk with experienced graphic designers about your branding and marketing ideas. Often times, graphic designers will offer their services specifically to help with direct mail marketing. Talk with these experts to learn more about what types of designs would be appealing to your target market. In addition, many graphic designers offer marketing services specifically geared toward this type of marketing. If you are not able to find graphic designers with specific experience in direct mail marketing, consider hiring an independent contractor or freelance designer to give your marketing materials an attractive look. Many times, these independent contractors are able to design direct mail marketing postcards at a fraction of the cost of an in house graphic designer.

Direct Mail Campaign Launch Checklist:

Messaging: As mentioned earlier, many people use email marketing to market their business; therefore, you should use email marketing in your direct mail advertising strategies as well. You should opt-in to receive direct mail marketing e-mails. Then, attach these e-mails to your direct mail marketing postcards. For example, if you are marketing your dog grooming service, attach a picture of your dogs along with a short, engaging phrase such as “Fancy a Shampoo? Visit us.”

Direct Mail Marketing Mailing Listings: The cost-effective mailing list will allow you to reach more individuals at one time. If you use an opt-in list provider, you can purchase individual lists for very little cost. You should try to compile a mailing list that has contact information for a large cross section of your community. If you target students in your direct mail marketing campaigns, you may want to include a coupon or discount offer for them.

Market Research: Market research is always important when you are starting a direct mail marketing campaign. You need to know what types of businesses are in your local area and what types of consumers they cater to. Your market research will help you determine how much you will charge for each piece of direct mail marketing mail that you create. You also need to conduct market research to discover what direct mail marketing pieces will generate the most sales for you.

Postcard Design: Postcards are still an important part of a direct mail marketing strategy. They are not only a great way to tell people about your company, but they can also serve a very functional purpose. A good postcard design should include a striking headline, a strong call to action, and lots of benefits. Your headline and call to action must be convincing enough that people take the time to read the entire postcard. And your benefits must be clear and specific so that recipients know exactly what to expect when they open that postcard.